What We Offer

Locally sourced, accurate and timely pathologic interpretation and diagnosis, and robust customer service including all needed supplies, customizable report delivery options (including to your EMR), availability to discuss pathologic findings with you and your patients, troubleshooting billing questions, and generation of statistical reports for your practice.


Anatomic Pathology

Over thirty eight years of combined pathology experience guarantee you and your patients the right diagnosis every time

Experienced fellowship trained gastrointestinal and hepatic pathologist on staff

Same day fine needle aspiration services

On-site frozen section services

Thin Prep Pap and HPV DNA & RNA testing

Pre-eminent local service for your practice with robust customer support

Clinical Pathology

Medical directorship and consultation services in support of your laboratory

ThinPrep Pap system - All FDA approved tests

High risk HPV mRNA E6 & E7 testing as well as High Risk HPV genotyping

Molecular testing from ThinPrep vial for STIs and urogenital pathogens

Conventional microbiologic cultures available

High sensitivity pap screening using the ThinPrep Imaging system

Age-appropriate ACOG guidelines for ease of ordering using our requisitions

Negative pap letters for patient follow up

Non-GYN Cytology Services

Comprehensive testing and diagnosis of fine needle aspiration, scrape, or brush specimens from all sites

Comprehensive ancillary testing to ensure the best diagnosis


Quick turnaround time with report delivery options

Appropriate ancillary testing for classification of neoplasms

Integrated reporting using College of American Pathologists synoptic guidelines for malignancies

Tumor diagnostic and prognostic markers incorporated into report (estrogen and progesterone receptor and Her-2 gene amplification analysis for breast tumors, for example).

Electronic interface availability for direct delivery of pathology reports to your EMR

Reporting format that is clear, easy to read, and accompanied with relevant photomicrographs

Annual compilation of biopsy types, numbers, and diagnoses from your practice

Pro-active approach to resolving patient billing concerns

Educational brochures explaining pathology services and billing for patient education