What We Offer:

Accurate and timely pathologic interpretation and diagnosis, including comprehensive pathology services as well robust customer service for ASC including availability to discuss pathologic findings with patients, troubleshooting patient billing questions, and generation of statistical reports for your physician practice.

These services include: 

  • Comprehensive services in anatomic pathology 
  • Concierge service for clinical laboratory specimen collection
  • Quick turnaround time with report delivery options
  • Appropriate ancillary testing for classification of neoplasms
  • Integrated reporting using College of American Pathologists synoptic guidelines for malignancies 
  • Availability to discuss results with physicians and patients
  • Tumor diagnostic and prognostic markers as indicated (estrogen and progesterone receptor and Her-2 gene amplification analysis for breast tumors etc.) 
  • Electronic interface available for direct delivery of pathology reports to your EMR
  • Annual compilation of biopsy types, numbers, and diagnoses from your practice 
  • Availability to discuss pathologic findings and their significance with patients and referring physicians 
  • Pro-active approach to resolving patient billing concerns
  • Reporting format that is clear, easy to read, and accompanied with relevant photomicrographs 
  • Educational brochures explaining pathology services and billing 

Services Offered

1. ThinPrep Pap system - 3 day TAT

  • HR HPV and HPV 16/18 - Cervista
  • Other molecular testing from vial: GC, Chlamydia - Aptima Combo 2 and other microbiology (example: Grp B Strep, vaginosis panel) 
  • OneSwab available for non-pap testing
  • Imager system for pap screening 
  • Negative pap letters with envelopes/postage affixed

2. All Supplies for specimen collections provided to your practice 

3. Competitive pricing with self-pay discounting 

4. On-Site frozen section services

anatomical pathology for all biopsies performed by CSPA throughout Colorado Springs 

clinical laboratory services provided by afford-a-lab in partnership with Kansas Pathology Consultants (KPC)

convenient draw locations in colorado springs